Sexual Health and Educational Video DVD’s

sexual health

Sex education is mandatory in schools and video DVD’s have become extremely important in a society where pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are abundant.  Through educational DVD’s, Vita Digital Productions is helping students to learn the facts about condoms, pregnancy, and STD’s.  Yes, sex will happen among teens and we do our best to teach them how to practice safe sex but there are always some that will not listen and will have to deal with their decisions.

We’re teaching students that communication is very important in their relationships.  Discussing the use of condoms does not have to be awkward or intimidating.  This conversation will allow the two to bond and get to know each other even more.   Sure, some students will confront the decision to not use condoms because of lack of sensation and less satisfaction but this is not the case.  Condoms are so thin nowadays, that most don’t even feel like you have them on.

In the videos we also mention how to enhance the sensation of sex through the use of natural methods so that they don’t blame condoms as not feeling good.  There are many natural ways to enhance orgasms for males.  One way is to take a supplement that increases the production of semen.  One supplement is Semenax and it increases seminal fluid so that muscles in your pubic region have to work harder to ejaculate the semen.  A harder and faster contraction of these muscles will result in a more intense orgasm.  It will also increase the amount of ejaculate.

The DVD’s also discuss different scenarios that may come up during these conversations, so that you are prepared to face any opposition.  If both parties are sexually active, getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases should come up in the conversation.   It’s important to know where your partner stands when it comes to STD’s because it can affect both you and her/him.

It’s not always easy to be in a relationship, especially for younger sexually active teens.  It takes time, patience, effective communication, and a lot of consistent work.  Through our education DVD’s we are playing a role in educating these teens about the risks and consequences of sex and unprotected sex.  We strive to shine a light in their young lives so that they make the right decisions and they can enjoy sex in a safe way.


Beating Impotence Through Virtual Visualization

virtual visualization impotence

Sex therapists have always battled with couples that have problems in the bedroom.  Men in their mid forties and older start to suffer from impotence so their sex lives diminish yet many men want to continue to have a fun love life without the need for medications such as Viagra or Cialis.

For this reason many sex therapists teach visualization techniques so the couples can imagine themselves copulating in certain positions and even in different places.  Whether those places are within their house or in different locations, is up to the couple.  The whole point of visualization is to take the pressure off the male and shift his focus to the visualized act rather than his declining reproductive organ and confidence.

Sex therapists are now starting to use virtual scenic DVD’s for various reasons.  First, setting a relaxing scene will calm the male down and force him to focus on just reacting to his partner’s touch in a non-nervous environment.  Second, seeing a foreign scene makes the act adventurous and gets the male excited because it is not the same boring bedroom scene.  And third, the male is able to let lose and have sex without thinking about much but pleasing his mate.

This visual stimulation with DVD’s from Vita Digital Productions has helped many couples successfully without the need for medication.  However, some males do not respond fully to just visual stimulation.  For those that need a more hands on approach to beat their impotence, penis pumps are introduced.  Penis pumps like Bathmate Hercules increase blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis.  When the corpus cavernosum is full of blood, it expands the penis and an erection is achieved.  This pump does this through the use of water pressure.  This type of penis pump distributes pressure evenly around the penis as compared to an air pump.

Virtual visualization combined with manual stimulation through the use of penis pumps have been enabled couples to regain their sex life without the risk of side effects caused by medications.   The power of the mind once again shows why most of our problems are caused by our limiting beliefs.  Through virtual visualization, the limiting beliefs associated with performing sexually are eliminated and confidence is restored in the male.  A confident male can have sex without worrying about impotence can please his partner like if they were in their 20’s again.

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Rehabilitation Centers using Digital DVD for Virtual Scenery Therapy

virtual walk



We are very grateful that our virtual scenery DVD’s are now being licensed and helping people in rehabilitation centers all over the world.  We are seeing centers that specialize in spinal cord injuries using our virtual movies and images while teaching patients how to walk again.  This will help to beat boredom and at the same time give these patients a way to get “outside” without having to leave their treatment centers.  They’ll be able to take virtual walks around the world.

Our 60 minute DVDs are filmed in HD so the patients will get a true view of what these foreign places really look like.  We have filmed in places all over the U.S. and other parts of the world such as Egypt, Scotland, Rome, Paris, Athens, South America, and the list goes on.  These virtual walks will take them deep inside tropical rain forests, underwater caves, and other places they probably don’t even know exist.  They’ll be blown away and won’t even notice they are exercising.

Because spinal injuries limit the amount of movement these patients have, they tend to lose a lot of muscle mass and gain a lot of weight and fat in their bodies.  For this reason, their virtual walks also include weight training sessions.  The goal of weight training is to gain muscle mass, burn more calories, and bulk up.  They also supplement with crazy mass bulking stack to add more size and increase strength.  This bulking supplement will help to decrease atrophy in their muscles.  Once they gain muscle mass it will become easier to do activities of daily living.

We’re very proud of the people we’re impacting with our virtual walks around the world.  We never thought we would be helping people to walk again by not thinking too much about their pain but instead thinking of the wonderful views and experiences around the world.  Spinal centers and rehabilitation centers have put their trust on us to deliver motivation for their patients.

Next on our list of rehabilitative DVD’s are virtual jogs and virtual bike rides.  This may be the next step for spinal injury victims once they are well enough to be back on their feet.  It’s a long and challenging road but we’re going to be there to inspire them along the way.


Musical DVD’s Helping Caregivers Beat Depression in Patients

music dvds

Caregivers are always looking for unconventional ways to help their patients get better and to beat their illnesses.  Recently we heard of a caregiver who has been using Vita Digital DVD’s to help her patient’s depression.  This patient has always been isolated with very little interaction and mainly in silent.  Since Martha took over this patient, she has introduced musical DVD’s to her daily routine and the results have been phenomenal.

You can see the spark in the patient’s face when she listens to the music and her heads starts nodding.  Just being able to listening to another person through music and singing the lyrics has made a big difference in her patient’s life.  Martha said she feels like her patient has regained a new sense for her life.  She is more upbeat and even cracks jokes.

The next step Martha is going to take is to introduce an instrument to her patient.  She believes this will help her to focus and use her brain a bit more.  Martha has been a member of an online guitar program where she has learned how to play the guitar on her own through virtual lessons.  The online guitar lessons at JamPlay provide music tutorials that can be replayed back and forth so you learn at your own pace.  You interact with a music instructor via webcam so you get live guitar lessons.  Learning to play the guitar will bring a lot of joy to her patient because she really enjoys the music.

Music has shown in numerous studies to beat out depression and it enhances brain activity.  Martha plans to do the lessons simultaneously with her patient so that she feels she is part of a project and doesn’t feel pressure to do it all by herself.    Music is a universal language that not only brings people together but also helps to heal people with dark pasts and mental problems.

These musical DVD’s and online guitar lessons are just a strategy to help beat out depression.  As of now, results are speaking for themselves and music will continue to be a part of this patient’s treatment plan.


Virtual DVDs help Overweight People Beat Home Gym Boredom

overweight gym

Vita Digital DVD productions is proud to announce that we now have DVD’s for people who are just beginning to exercise and are a bit on the overweight side.  We all know that part of getting to the gym starts with motivation.  Without the motivation and will power to get there, nothing gets done.

Once you get to the gym, it’s not only about being physical and challenging your body to limits you haven’t pushed yourself before, but you also have to put your mind into it.  The mind set is more important than you actually doing the work.  For this reason, we’ve produced motivational DVD’s so that people can resist boredom when working out from home.

These DVD’s include our most motivational scenery and a voice over from one of the most renowned health coaches in the industry.  Not only will you feel like you’re part of a movie but you’ll have a personal trainer pushing you to get one more repetition when you feel like quitting.  These DVD’s have gone on to become best sellers especially for people who stay home and want to lose weight naturally.

Along with the motivational aspect of the DVD, we also include nutritional advice so that you’re tackling your weight problem with a one-two punch, nutrition and exercise.  Nutrition is very important because once you nail that, your weight will start shredding off your bones.  It’s always important to start with the right types of food to eat.

Once you have a nutritional plan in place, you should also take nutritional supplements to make sure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients in your body.  It may even be beneficial to start off with a fat burner to speed up your metabolism.  We recommend the fat burner PhenQ because of its active thermogenesis and metabolism ingredient, Lacy’s reset.  This ingredient will speed up your metabolism and also increase thermogenesis or the amount of body heat you produce.  In order to use more body heat you have to use more calories.  So increased body heat plus a faster metabolism will set you up for weight loss success.

Once you have the nutrition part down followed with supplementation, you have nailed 70% of the weight loss challenge.  The 30% left is exercise and the motivational DVD’s will help you get through that part so that you get your 30 minutes in daily without feeling bored or giving up.  These DVD’s are very simple because visual stimulation will take your mind away from the boring part of exercise.  If you see other people exercising you’re more likely to follow along and focus more on learning the movements and keeping up with them.  These DVD’s make great gifts and will help a loved one get motivated to start transforming their life for the better!

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